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Hair care

Women always want to look great. Sometimes this desire to look beautiful makes us chase artificial beauty. This feature is noticed when changing the color of the girl’s hair, and in some even every month the paint needs updating. According to statistics, 60% of girls dye their hair 6-8 times a year. Therefore, to become the owner of luxurious hair is no longer just a dream. Mon Caprice gives you the opportunity to be the owner of shining, luxurious and long hair. While using quality masks your hair will shine more than ever. Regardless of the circumstances when dying hair, shine and naturalness are lost. From this point of view, along with the coloring in our salon, masks, creams and musk are used which are the helpers for the best result. Since our salon uses all branded products, your hair does not lose its naturalness. In addition, our masters can advise you different hair care. When the hair is wet, when the heat touches them, the molecule evaporates and it damages the hair very badly. Hair should be dried with an air dryer at a distance and then straightened. To wash oily hair very often does not harm in any way harm. It’s just not right to use very hot water. Hot water stimulates oily glands and hair becomes even oilier. For this reason, you need to wash your hair with cool water. Clean and healthy hair can allow any woman to look beautiful. Therefore, you need to choose the right care for them. Very frequent dying of hair with chemical paints can lead to brittle and dry hair. Moisturizing masks are very useful in this case. We must use them at least once a week. They will protect your hair with the necessary vitamins and microelements, and give you a natural shine, beauty, health and well-groomed appearance.