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Nail Care

In order to give tenderness to the fingers and an ideal aesthetic form to the hands, nail extensions turned into the usual fashion of the day. And this is unconvincing, because in most cases nails don’t grow to the desired length, as they tend to break down and often we meet with the difficulties to grow them at home. Despite the desire to have long, beautiful and well-groomed nails, a crazy rhythm in life prevents this and often lacks the patience to wait for the nails to grow back. Only professionals at one time found out how to help with these. And thus there are two main types of nail extension: tipsy and form. And also there are two variations of nail extension is acrylic and gel. And it is your choice of which of these species to choose when extendig your nails after you get acquainted closer. Nail extensions with tipsy or form .. When we talk about nail extensions with tips, imagine tipsy ones made of plastic that are plates. Tips are available in different shapes, sizes and even in different colors, and with each client the master finds his approach and chooses only the suitable one. Beauty Salon Mon Caprice in the literal sense of justifying all expectations associated with beauty, always in your services with professional masters. From this point of view, the nail department has its own peculiarity. Our masters will definitely make you like you at least with a hardware manicure or manual. You will feel special with the desired design used on manicure and pedicure. Be confident with the professional approach and care of your nails, your nails will be without blemishes and your manicure will always be on top.