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Dear girls, no matter how much we sunbathe under the sun on these sunny days, we can not get an even tan. And it doesn’t look nice. And besides, we can use this only in the summer days. But at any time of the year we can get a bronze tan with the help of a solarium. A solarium is considered one of the best methods to become an owner of the aesthetic body with the help of bronze tanning. The solarium covers all the spots on the body, gives the skin the same tone and gives you a more impeccable look. Mon Caprice presents to you the latest model of solarium, which meets international standards for good service. Ultraviolet rays provide the desired bronze appearance. But if you want to get more bronze tan, you need to use quality cream. From this point of view Mon Caprice offers all the best and qualitative. For your satisfaction, our prices matchs your budget. Your satisfaction is our success.